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Excerpt from novel in progress: Indigo Dawn

Beyond the firmament, explosions of plasma cleaved the darkness in a vast, cataclysmic storm. Here spiral galaxies spun like fiery pinwheels into the sizzling energies of creation, and blinding neon rainbows tore across the borders between limitless dimensions. Here stood a gateway where dimensional crossroads met and merged into one, like soap bubbles joined by the thinnest veneer of swirling plasma. Here. in a space/time pocket far beyond the dreams or nightmares of Earth and Her people, Haj had been standing guard since time immemorial.

At this unlikely junction, the division became thin enough to cross. There was no actual physical point of entry; the gate existed in all places and times at once – just as Haj did. To the human eye, Haj was a profoundly autistic boy locked inside his own head. To those who could see, Haj was a guardian and protector, a shifter of frequencies standing like a levee against a tide of unrelenting strangeness.

A look into Haj’s eyes was a glimpse into eternity. Those who met his gaze felt a brief disorientation, then a plunge through stars, directly into the very heart of being. Through Haj’s eyes, they had come to know themselves more deeply. Through Haj’s eyes, the Universe seemed almost orderly. Unfortunately, very few had been given the privilege of looking into those eyes. Haj tended his inner landscape without taking notice of most people; but in the luminous pathways of the Indigo Net, Haj graced many with the gift of his gaze. He had become legend among the Indigos.